PlayBox AB - in IKEA town Älmhult

PlayBox AB IKEA, Älmhult

PIVAC SYD, Helsingborg met PlayBox at a fair in 2014. The main pain for them was the lead time from China – 5 month delivery. If something has to be changed to meet market demands – another 5 month will pass before it will reach the customers. Together we developed a system where we convey from 12 pallet containers up to 12 weighing and dosing units in the same machine. A nearby company designed and built the machine.

  • Compact installation
  • Easy to change the settings – Multi Flexible
  • Use all 12 or only a few of the units depending of the package size
  • Can handle a lot of different products and packages
  • Efficient PIVAC Cyclone units used – central pump and filter units
  • Can work for hours unattended

Lösning - ritning
Lösning - ritning
PlayBox AB - Produkt PlayBox AB - Användning

PlayBox can make transportation more efficient and increase the quality control by increasing their own packaging and production of product sets at the warehouse in Älmhult. By purchasing “beads” and other articles in bulk they will be able to quickly change and meet the demands from the market. This creates the need of a highly flexible packaging solution...

PlayBox AB - Mässmonter

Founder, Per-Erik Johnsson started Playbox at the end of the 70s

  • Main production in China – warehouse in Älmhult.
  • <1000 articles
  • for crafts, play and hobby. Schools, nursery schools and leisure companies.
  • More than 30 countries. Sweden and Germany main markets.
  • Turn-over 4.500.000 EUR.

PlayBox AB tillverkar ett flertal produkter